City Officials Discuss Doubling Tulsa's Parking Meter Rates

They look like parking meters, but you should really think of them as think of them as time capsules from 1992.

"It's been over 20 years since there was a rate increase here," said Mike Brink with the city of Tulsa.

And over those 20 years, the condition of the system has earned its own flashing red alert.

"44% of the single space meters are not working, in many cases they're not even there, the meter's not even there," he said.

Right now, the meters pull in about $425,000 a year. And to get it up and running properly...

"It costs about $670,000 so there's not enough revenue being created to do a good job keeping the parking meters fixed," he said.

Which is why talk of a rate hike is on the table.

"The base rate for most of the downtown area would be going from about 50 cents an hour to about a buck an hour," he said.

A 100% increase, but still less than say, OKC, which charges a $1.50 an hour. Even so, reaction on the street was sticker shock.

"Raising it wouldn't be a good thing," said one man.

"I would rather stick with the 50 cents," said a woman.

"Sounds a little steep to me," said another woman.

And we didn't even tell these folks that in the financial district, the rate would be even higher.

"In that small area, it would go up to $2.00 an hour," said Brink.

On the plus side, the hours that meters are in effect would change very little. From 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday, to 7 to 5.

"So no additional hours at night, no additional hours on the weekend," he said.