Tangled Web in Triple Homicide

When they disappeared 21 years ago, the countryside was scoured from above and below. And when authorities were asked where the bodies might be...

"Lot of it depends on whether it was something that happened spur of the moment or whether it was a planned crime, if they planned it they probably found some place in advance," said an investigator in 1992.

That place would turn out to be an eight-foot hole on the property of someone they knew.

"Whatever she's done, and that's where it's pointing to, she's going to bring us all into hell with her," said Beverly Noe.

Beverly Noe is the former-mother-in law of one of the victims, Wendy, but she's talking about her own mother Ida Prewitt, deceased since 2011. It was on land she used to own that the three bodies were found.

Had she talked about wanting to kill them before? "Oh my God she mentioned one time, 'Boy just put me in a car and I'll slice their throat,' I say no!, you know, she had a stinky little mind," she said.

Beverly's brother, Grover, has been charged with accessory after the fact, first degree murder, after he allegedly told authorities where the bodies could be found. And according to the OSBI he also told them that "he thought Ida and Beverly killed the females."

"Oh God no, why would he say me?" asked Beverly.

Beverly says she had an argument with Wendy after expressing concern that her grandson was being sexually abused by her new husband. She says she dropped them off at a Wal-Mart. What happened to them next is unknown.

What could have been a motive for the killings? "I don't know. I don't know at all," she said.

After Wendy's death, Beverly adopted the grandson she was worried was being abused.

"He's been the biggest blessing in my life, I love that child, there's nothing I would not do for him, but I certainly wouldn't go out and murder somebody," she said.