UPDATE: Tanker Overturned at Lake Keystone Spilling Crude Oil

Photo Courtesy: Brad Cost

An oil tanker overturned at Lake Keystone spilling crude oil into the water and forcing lanes to be closed.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, the eastbound road of US-412 has been narrowed to one lane at Bears Glen on Lake Keystone due to the accident.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol stated the accident was caused when a tanker, driven by 45-year-old Michael Troy Royster, struck a Buick LeSabre.

20-year-old Gwenuana Deshae Dean was driving below the speed limit due to a flat tire. The tanker rolled and landed on the rip raft while the Buick struck the guard rail.

OHP stated nearly 5,000 gallons of the tanker's crude oil spilled out as a result of the accident.

Remediation crews are en route to boom off the affected parts of the lake.

Royster was pinned for approximately one hour and crews had to use the jaws of life to release him. Royster was airlifted to St. John's Hospital and was admitted in stable condition.

Dean and another passenger, Kayla Dee Nichols, 20, were transported to St. John's Hospital, but were released after being treated for head injuries.

According to the Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers representative Nathan Herring, the oil spill was caught early and the majority of the product went up on the rip raft. Crews do not expect any major environmental impact as a result of the spill.