Tanker Truck Flips On Highway 169 Ramp

A tanker hauling ammonia flips on its side along a busy metro freeway. OHP troopers tell us the accident happened around 5:30am Tuesday near 46th Street north and Highway 169. Police said the truck lost control on the northbound ramp from 46th Street North to Highway 169.The loaded truck had just departed from the Port of Catoosa. It's destination is not known. The anhydrous ammonia on board is stored as a liquid but can leak as a gas. Tulsa Fire and Hazmat crews said that it didn't appear that the truck was leaking. The driver was taken to the hospital for a check of non life-threatening injuries.There are no evacuations, or plans for evacuations expected. Crews will be on scene for a couple more hours pumping the anhydrous ammonia off the truck and pulling the truck upright.If anhydrous ammonia leaks, it can pose a serious threat to first responders. The escaping vapors can look like smoke from a fire to an emergency crew first coming on scene. The ammonia, if inhaled, can dry out a person's lungs with little exposure.
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