Tanner & Blair


From the looks of things, as Tanner ambles about the yard, he's just a typical Golden Retriever. Except, from his view point, this, is how things, look."One of the things you will notice is he does have the cataracts in both eyes," said Dr. Mike Jones of Woodland West Animal Hospital.Blind since birth, with a slight seizure problem, the first year of his life wasn't bad at all, until his owner died, and he had no one."And that stress led to his seizure disorder getting worse it seemed, and being blind and panicky," he said.Pam from the Golden Retriever rescue group stepped in, got him placed in a home with a woman named Jill, but..."Well, she can tell you the situation," said Pam."Lets talk about the issues," said Jill.It's not just that he has seizures, it's what happens during the seizures."He can actually lose a little bit of control, so there can be just a little bit of a mess," she said.A little bit of a mess is putting it nicely."Yes, he would defecate, urinate, seize in it, yeah it was bad, there's no question about it, it was a mess to come to some mornings," said Dr. Jones.He wound up back at the clinic. Seizing nearly every night, pacing nervously in his pen, his future was as dark as his eyesight."I can tell you it was more than one time I've recommended putting Tanner to sleep," he said.Which is where this tale of tragedy ends."I mean it's definitely a great story," said Stephen Dilday of Woodland West.As a new tail enters the picture."Just your everyday street dog," said Dr. Jones.Blair has her own issues. She was shot, and is timid, nervous, and needs work. By chance, one day she wound up out in the yard with Tanner, and it happened."Haven't seen anything like this, ever," said Dr. Jones.A friendship was forged that took the command heel, and spelled it h-e-a-l."Since having Blair as a companion, he hasn't had any seizures," said Pam.{}And Blair?"She's pretty friendly versus what she used to be," said Stephen."The two of them together have been a remarkable synergistic effect," said Dr. Jones.This is gonna sound weird, do you think Blair knows Tanner is blind? "Oh yeah, I don't think there's a doubt," said Dr. Jones.Especially , when you watch Blair lead Tanner around by a leash."She's a service dog for another dog," said Stephen.Always under her watchful eye, or snout as the case may be. The ending to this story? The hope that someone will come along and help keep this union going by adopting them both. For let no man put asunder, what two dogs have put together."They're pretty much inseparable at this point," said Stephen."I think Blair's jealous at the moment," laughed Pam."They have to be together, there's no question about it," said Dr. Jones.


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