TARE Board Discusses Greenwaste Options

Today the Tulsa Authority for Recovery of Energy (TARE) board met to discuss its plan of action regarding the City's curbside greenwaste program.

Board members decided to suspend the greenwaste sticker requirement until further notice.

Members will now look for an alternate greenwaste pickup program.

In the meantime, residents can still leave their greenwaste at the curb in 2 feet across and 4 feet long bundles or in clear plastic bags without a greenwaste sticker.

TARE will now look to implement a short-term greenwaste program to give the board time to come up with a long-term solution.

"The short-term solution of accepting a proposal on the curbside greenwaste service will help the City bridge the gap from where we are now with greenwaste to where we want to be in the future with an economically feasible and operationally manageable program," TARE Vice-Chair Paul White said.

"Not only would contracting greenwaste service save a substantial amount of money in the interim, but gives TARE the opportunity to evaluate the long-term solutions recommended by the citizen/council task force and address operational issues before a modified greenwaste program is adopted," White said.