Task Force Launching to Get Water in the River

It looks gorgeous when it's there. The ducks love it. Joggers love it. People on paddle boats watching the sunset especially love it. The problem? The water isn't always there.

"We've been talking about this for 50 years," said Tulsa city councilor GT Bynum. And he isn't exaggerating. Way back when his grandfather was Commissioner of Streets and Public Property.

"In 1964 when he came into office they gave him a report about putting low water dams on the Arkansas river," he said.

Since then, there's been efforts to get federal and state money lined up to get it done, but as for the city's efforts...

"I'd like to see us quit looking for somebody else to do this and just take our destiny in our own hands and take care of it ourselves," he said.

Hence, the creation of the new River Infrastructure Task Force.

"We're excited about councilman Bynum's ideas," said Tom Dittus.

Three years ago he took the river plunge with the Blue Rose Cafe, and would love to see water as a full time amenity.

"I don't know if you'll air this or not but I actually had a meeting with a guy today that has a standup board company which is a, it's a deal where you stand up on this surf board, and you just paddle down smooth water," he said.

The task force will look at the options, the costs, and hopefully present some sort of plan. Worst case scenario, they could always dust off that report his grandfather got back in 1964.

"And the report that he got almost 50 years ago looks exactly the same as what we're still talking about," he said.