Customers Want Answers After Tax Preparer Closes

A tax preparer business near 61st and Peoria is closed Wednesday, leaving customers with questions.

"I've been calling. They're not even answering the phone," said customer Ashley Vernor.

Channel 8 spoke with several Income Tax Plus customers Wednesday who had not yet received their tax returns.

Tulsa Police responded to a disturbance call at the business Monday.

Businesses in the complex told Channel 8 they have heard several customers questioning the reliability of the tax preparer. Channel 8 was not able to locate any Income Tax Plus employees for comment.

Vernor said she filed her taxes the last week of January and has not yet received her money back. However, she said her mother also did her taxes with Income Tax Plus and did not have a problem.

Another customer said the business told him repeatedly to come back next week but each time he returned was told, "not yet, nothing."

Tulsa Police said this is the IRS' case.

The IRS told Channel 8 in a statement: "Strict privacy laws protect every individual and business entity from unauthorized disclosures of details of their relationship with the IRS. To that end, the IRS can neither confirm nor deny investigations in progress, completed in the past nor contemplated. Unless there is public record, such as court records or documents filed in the public domain, we cannot discuss tax matters publicly."

The IRS said if anyone has questions regarding a tax preparer, they may visit this link for more information.