Tax Time Means Preparation and Savings

Tax preps begin for many families this weekend. You may be hoping for a refund, or preparing to pay Uncle Sam. Get all the forms you need, because tax centers are expecting a crowd.

At the Community Action Project they are so busy they put a sign that says "No Walk-ins Appointments Only." And it could be that busy until the end of February.

At CAP, they assist low income families first, as their tax experts are dealing with a room full of people and tons of taxes.

Their advice is make sure you take your picture identification with you along with social security cards and any income related documents. Missing items will slow you down.

And if you are thinking of getting a quick refund in the form of a loan, you could spend hundreds dollars, just for the sake of convenience

"It is worth waiting a few more days to make sure you get all of your tax refund instead of having several hundred dollars taken out for the privilege of getting it a few days faster," explained Steven Dow, Community Action Project.

The tax season will die down briefly in March but soon pick back up again before the deadline. You do not want to want to make two trips during busy peak times.