Taylor Campaign Jabs Bartlett Over Employees Scandal

Word that five city employees were fired for allegedly having second jobs on city time, stirred up controversy for a sixth city employee, the mayor.

"He has two jobs and we just thought that that was something that was um, you know, perhaps sets a tone that has an impact throughout the city," said Taylor campaign manager Anna America.

The Taylor campaign, taking aim at Bartlett with a press release saying that he "also has two jobs - continuing as President of Keener Oil & Gas while serving as mayor."

"We want somebody full time if we're paying them full time," said America.

"City business always comes first," said Bartlett campaign manager Dan Patten.

The Bartlett campaign, firing back, saying Tulsa is priority one for the mayor.

"He's had to miss out on campaign evens because he has to take care of various city business, so it's definitely Mayor Bartlett before it's CEO Bartlett, or candidate Bartlett," he said.