TCC Hosts Gingerbread Competition

Around the holidays, people often make gingerbread houses as decorations.

But TCC took it a step further and helped turn it into a contest.

The school partnered with the Tulsa Alliance For Engineering for the competition.

Yummy ingredients, like graham crackers, chocolate bars, and other candies, were turned into replicas of well-known buildings.

We the Tower of London, a log cabin, the Empire State Building, and a miniature Edison High School.

The recipe is for fun, but the goal is to encourage students to pursue engineering careers.

"My favorite question is always 'can we take this home and work on it?' and you're like, 'Okay, just this one time,'" says coordinator Xan Black. "So they love it. That's another plus. It gets them excited about math and science and engineering."

Local architects will judge the contest.

Participants ranged from 4th graders to adults.