Teacher Supports Armed Educators

When Oklahoma Representative Mark McCullough proposed the guns in schools bill he knew it'd come with a flurry of controversy.

"At some point, somebody has to stick their chin out," he said.

And sure enough, the rumblings have been far and wide, with educators either outraged or supportive but predominately off the record. It's just too hot of a topic to touch, unless you find the teacher who's definition of courage isn't just to decorate the wall.

"An armed security guard on each campus would be the best way to go, I don't see the funding for that," said Joe Bill Lierly, of Kiefer High School. He{}isn't just familiar with the proposal, he's familiar with the representative behind it.

"I had Mark McCullough in class, he was an excellent student. What kind of grades did he get? He made A's in my class," he smiled.

Now,{}the representative's{}making waves, with a proposal that Mr. Lierly supports as a sign of the times.

"I dread the thought of having a gun in school, but I don't see any other way that we could protect our students if an armed intruder came into the school," he said.

What about some of the arguments against it like, what if a kid tried to take the gun away from him?

"I drive a fairly nice pickup truck to school every day. I have yet to have a student come and try to take my keys and drive my truck away," he said.

Ok, well what about the argument that a teacher with a gun could go nuts?

"It's odd to me that anyone would trust their children in a school day with a school teacher, in the light that we have them now, and they wouldn't trust them with a gun," he said.

A topic of safety and{}debate. Of wonder what a classroom would be like with "The Duke" as a teacher?

"If you're wearing a gun do you think that would increase homework completion rates? There's a possibility of that," smiled Mr. Lierly.