Teed Off At Burglars

What do you do when your golf clubs are suddenly missing?

That's the position John Laws found himself in when his clubs disappeared from the back of his car. When he got on Facebook to vent about it his sister replied...

"Make sure to check Craigslist, it's happened to my friends numerous times and they usually got their stuff back," he said.

And lo and behold, there they were, laid out on a sand-trapped colored carpet. At first, he thought maybe he'd confront the thieves himself, but then figured...

"They had no problem robbing your car who's to say they won't do the same thing right to your face?" he said.

So he called TPD instead.

"We arranged a meeting with the person posting it," said Corporal Larry Mark.

But just because they had the thieves in their sights, didn't mean John had proved they were his, which leads us to a familiar refrain cops often give when it comes to identifying your property.

"Mark it somehow, someway to where you can say I know there's a mark in the specific place that nobody else would really know about," said Mark.

"I didn't put any specific markings on them, deliberately," said Laws.

Or did he? See John isn't the best golfer in the world and sometimes...

"When one of my drives don't go the right way I ..."

He goes a little crazy, whacking the club into the ground.

And there it was, like the perfect drive down the fairway, exhibit A.

"Right there," said John, pointing to a dent he caused in the bottom of a driver. A mark of frustration that led to salvation.

"Whether it's an accidental marking, whatever, anything that helps us say yes, that makes sense, that's yours," said Mark.

A juvenile was arrested for the theft of the clubs.