Broken Arrow Teen Alleges Mother Bit, Struck Him with Belt

Caressa Hinkle

A Broken Arrow couple was arrested over the weekend on accusations of abusing and neglecting a 14-year-old boy.

Officers with the Broken Arrow Police Department arrested John and Caressa Hinkle Saturday evening at their residence in the 200 block of W. Canton St. John was booked for child endangerment and Caressa for child abuse.

Booking information states that police were called on scene by the teenage boy who stated that his mother, Caressa, struck him with a belt "several times and bit him on the chest." He reportedly showed them the marks she left on his body.

During their interview with the two officers were told that Caressa had taken some knives from the teen and ordered him to his room. He had been talking back to her so she demanded his phone.

"Caressa's husband stated he taped some of the altercation and offered it up for our review," the booking report describes.

Officers found that the video showed the teen standing in a defenseless posture while Caressa reportedly struck him on the arms and legs with a belt. She allegedly swung at him with no provocation on several occasions.

"The only action taken by the victim was to block the belt or turn away from the strikes."

Officers stated that John kicked the teenager out of the house after the altercation. At the time he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and it was 32 degrees outside.

Both are now being held at the Tulsa County Jail. They are due to appear in court next week.