Teen Arrested for String of Sex Assaults

The terror began in mid-November at Sugarberry apartments with a burglary and assault.

Then, less than a week later at the Greens of Bedford apartments, a burglary and sexual assault.

The next attack would be on December 3rd at Agora Coffee shop at the Fontana, where an employee was sexually assaulted after a teen came out of the bathroom armed with a semi-automatic weapon.

The fourth attack would on January 29th, as an 18 year-old girl was attacked on her way to Union.

"He pushes her in a retention pond drainage ditch, what have you, sexually assaulted her," said Officer Leland Ashley of the Tulsa police department.

That attack yielded a picture of a person in gray hoodie.

"If there's anyone out there maybe recognizes you know, maybe a friend or someone wearing this type of clothing, let them give us a call," said Ashley.

On Thursday, an arrest. A sixteen year-old, whom police believe is responsible for all of the attacks. How'd they find him?

"We had some tips and we've also had been looking at people that lived in that, particular complex that the last assault initiated from," said Sgt. Mark Mears.

In all, there are five victims from a crime spree that spanned over two months.

"Whenever we have a case of serial sexual attacks, it is very disturbing and unsettling for our community," said Tulsa police chief Chuck Jordan.