Teen Group Protests Texting and Driving

Members of Generation tXt gathered today from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. at Woodland Hills Mall to protest and spread word of the danger texting and driving for people of all ages.

The group was created by Booker T. Washington students who wanted to get the word out regarding how dangerous texting and driving.

Part of their motivation was that Oklahoma is one of the remaining states where texting and driving is legal.

"It's actually more dangerous than drinking and driving," said Mercedes McCoy, a volunteer involved with Generation tXt. McCoy emphasized that texting can wait, and shouldn't take place while driving.

Members of the group, along with having people sign a petition against texting and driving today at Woodland Hills Mall, also speak to teenagers at Oklahoma Driving Schools regarding the issue.

There is a law against texting and driving and using portable MP3 devices for teen permit-holders and teenagers who have their intermediate driver's license in the state.

But McCoy, and members of Generation tXt, want to see the law extended to cover all ages.