Teen Joyride Ends With Crash and Hard Lesson

Two 15 year olds are arrested, after one of them steals and crashes his mother's van. Police caught the two near Pine and the Gilcrease Expressway after a short chase.

The driver's mom called cops late Thursday when she found the van was gone. Police were at the boy's home when he and his friend were cruising by. From there, the chase was on. The boy lost control and took out a city park gate. Police say he will get no mercy from his mother.

" She's already told us he's done this too many times. She wants to file charges on him. She's tired of him doing this and wants to file charges on him," said Cpl. Dan Miller.

Neither teen was seriously hurt. The driver's friend faces joyriding charges.

During the foot chase, an officer was bitten by a k-9 officer when she got between the dog and suspect. She received minor injuries.