Teen Remembered Up In Lights

His smile could light up a room, and tonight his memory was lighting up the skyline.

"The corner office on 25, somebody turned the lights off there," said Terry Argue, ground control for a building ballet at Mid-Continent Tower.

"The two windows on the left should be dark," he said.

Slowly taking shape as the sun-light faded...

"Looking more like a 13?," he said.

Brock's number.

"He was always, lucky, lucky 13," said DJ Dawson. She knew Brock since kindergarten.

"Brock was probably the most joyful, big hearted kid I've ever met in my life," she said.

Also here to watch 13 light up the darkness?

"My oldest son played baseball with Brock," said Mike Goodman, who like Terry Argue...

"You know I've got kids, and I can't even imagine," he said.

Look at the display as a small gesture of remembrance in a time of unbearable pain.

"My son definitely has felt some pain he's chosen to wear number 13 next year in honor of Brock for his senior year of high school," said Goodman.

As to what Brock would think of his number up in lights?

"Brock loves the attention, so this is a huge thing. Cause attention, he loves the attention and the attention loves Brock, so he'd be all over it," said Dawson.

A larger than life salute for a teen lovingly remembered, from a community deeply sorrowful.

"It's not gonna take any of the pain away, but it lets you know that people are thinking about you," said Argue.