Teen Reportedly Trashes Okmulgee Schools

Okmulgee Police have arrested a teen after he reportedly went on a damaging spree.

It happened Monday evening between 10:30 and 11 o'clock.

School officials say the 17-year-old former student broke into the cafeteria and looked for money in the cash registers. When he did not find the money, he reportedly broke into the attendance office and trashed 2-3 computer monitors. He cut himself on the glass, allowing detectives to collect blood samples.

The teenager then reportedly went up to the third floor and set a small fire. The sprinklers came on and put out the fire, but damaging six classrooms.

The students will be moved next door to the 9th grade center.

Most of the damage came from the water from the sprinklers. A company was called in to help clean up the damage.

Officials say the alarm company was able to contact the police, fire department and the principal.

Video surveillance captured the teen's actions, and police were able to arrest him.

Officers are not releasing his name since he is a minor.