Teenager Allegedly Sexually Abuses Eight-Year-Old; Girl's Father Speaks Out

The father of an eight-year-old girl told Channel 8 their teenage neighbor sexually abused his daughters and he wants to see justice served.

The father, who has asked to be called "Dean," to protect his family's anonymity, said his wife saw a 13-year-old and their daughter engaged in a sexual act on her eighth birthday earlier this month. It allegedly happened in a nearby yard.

Dean said the teenage boy has also allegedly abused his nine-year-old daughter.

Sheriff Scott Walton's office investigated the case for ten days and handed the 19-page report to the District Attorney's office Monday. He said the ages of the suspect and victim made it difficult to investigate.

"In any sex crime investigation, you want to make every effort you can not to identify a victim," said Sheriff Walton. "If we say very much about that, people connect the dots and certainly identify our victims and people involved."

Sheriff Walton spoke with Dean and the girl's mother Thursday morning. He said they are still "emotionally shook-up."

The District Attorney's office refused to comment, describing the case as a "juvenile matter."

Dean declined to comment on the status of his daughter's case, because he said he has been in touch with the District Attorney's office. He suggested there was a chance some kind of action could be taken.

"Keep a close eye on your girls and your kids," said Dean to Channel 8. He said parents often do not think their children could be in danger at home, but he said there are predators everywhere.