Teens Accused of a Joyride, Pursuit and Crash In Trouble with The Law

Osage Nation Police say three juveniles took them on quite a chase, near Skiatook. Police are still figuring out where teens got the truck that was involved.

The youngsters took police on a 25-mile chase through Osage county. At some point, police say they reached 90-miles an hour. After several minutes of trying outrun police, the driver crashed in a wild careen, where the investigators say the vehicle went airborne. Investigators say the car came to rest, after hitting a ditch. Authorities say that's when the driver and the passengers tried to make a run for it, on foot.

Police say they tazed the driver, who was hiding in a ditch and arrested him. The passengers got away to a wooded area, where officers searched for two hours before they gave up. Police say they know who the juveniles are and will put out a warrant for their arrest.