Teens Rally to Stop the Violence

Stop The Violence Rally 2014

With protests happening across the nation and civil unrest in Missouri, young people in North Tulsa decided to try a different approach --- peace through educating their community.

A teenager organized a rally for neighbors and left them with a challenge to take a stand.

Jonathan Townsend says, "There is nothing more motivating and satisfying to me than to be able to be a part of such a movement today, understanding that it's a lot bigger than just today."

Neighbors came out to support, speak and rally with a focus on peace.

Since the beginning of the year, Tulsa Police tell us Tulsa has had 28 homicides, over 160 shootings reported and over 80 cases of pointing a deadly weapon.

Some of these have recently resulted in killing three young people in the community.

Here where we have lost D'andre Love, here where we have lost Khyre Campbell, here where we lost Shar Banks and so many others, how did we get here?

Young people are making sure their voice is heard with emphasis on not accepting anymore violence in their community.

Dazmine Manns says, "This event meant a lot to us because we knew we had to show people the right way to go about wanting change, demanding change in our city."

Change...Manns says will start with today's movement in the right direction.

"Seeing all the negative that people have been doing, we want to be that representation on how to do it the right way," says Manns.

Community activist, Jonathan Townsend says with violent events happening across the u-s, there still is a way to handle them, peacefully.

"Nationwide, a lot of folks are very emotional and for proper reasons, but we have to be able to channel our emotions in a productive way so we can actually get the results that we need," says Townsend.

This right here is the reason why we can stop violence in our little town and it spreads to other countries.