Temporary Downtown Library Is Open

If you need something from the downtown library, don't go to the old location.
It's shut down for construction.
But fortunately a temporary library is now open at 11th and Denver.
When the doors opened Tuesdays morning, there was a lot of excitement about what's ahead for downtown.{}{} {}
The renovations of the Central Library will provide almost $50-million in improvements.
The temporary facility is called the Librarium.
It's housed in a building, that was vacant and needed a lot of upgrades.
Gary Shaffer, is the CEO of the Tulsa City-County Library system.
He says the{} Librarium was a ideas.
"We realized we had to offer services downtown, so we settle on an abandoned grocery and gave it a little bit of love."
Library board member, Dr. La Verne Wimberly, says the building has all the technology and equipment that's needed.
She's surprised it turned out so well, because it wasn't very appealing when they started.
"I didn't want to touch anything because it was so dirty and everything on the floor was dirty. It just didn't seem like I should be there."
Now she thinks people will love the Librarium, as a great place to enjoy until the Central Library reopens.