Ten Commandments Plaques Come Down at Muldrow School

A large crowd is expected at a school board meeting. People in Muldrow have been urged by their pastors to attend a school board meeting and show their support for the Ten Commandments being displayed in school classrooms.

They're Christians with a cause wanting to uphold what they believe is God's moral code.

"Thou shall not kill thou shall not steal what's wrong with those things," says Sequoyah County Resident Jill Trumble.

Debate over The Ten Commandments brings God and country to the forefront. The Muldrow Ministerial Alliance is leading the conversation.

"We believe they have a place there in the right setting historically," says Pastor Shawn Money. He says the case started with a letter on behalf of a Muldrow student who wanted plaques of the Ten Commandments removed. They'd been placed there by a Christian group years ago, until now.

"Yes to the best of my knowledge those plaques with the Ten Commandments were removed Friday evening after school hours," says Money.

The Muldrow school superintendent could not be reached for comment. but the Freedom From Religion Foundation tells us it's "still monitoring how the school district handles this issue to ensure that it is complying with its constitutional duty to remain neutral on matters of religion."

Money looks on the bright side and says something good has already come from this.

"Many of the students have read the Ten Commandments for the first time."

He also says this is an opportunity for Christians to lead by example.

"I think one of the things we've lost in our nation is the ability to disagree and then get along and I like to think Christians are going to be the ones to restore that," says Money.