Terlton Grassfire Enters Day 3

The warning sign as you entered town was hard to miss, but the large plume of smoke over the entire area was even harder to miss.

"I'm ready to get out if they tell me to go," said Richard Roberts, his front yard the staging area for firefighters.

How concerned are you that it could hit your place? "Well, concerned enough that I put stuff in the back," he said.

Meanwhile, keeping an eye on the brush pile burning just yards from Mr. Roberts home...

"Just like that ember right there drifting, you hope it gets out," said Bill Dupus from Keystone, called in as mutual aid around 1 o'clock.

"Started off over here, tried to keep it from jumping that road, and then the heavy winds it jumped over," he said.

To try and keep it contained, a small army amassed in Terlton.

"I would say we have about 22 fire departments and probably 100 guys," said Michelle Davis of Terlton Fire Support.

Guys fed with burgers and fries a' la box, to keep the energy level as strong as the fire's.

"Really all we're doing is trying to contain what is going right now, because the wound keeps shifting so many directions," she said.

And should it travel towards Mr. Robert's house.

"This belongs to my fiance," he said, showing her accordion and his guitars ready to go.

"Oh yeah, I gotta have my music. gotta have my music," he said.