Termites Are Headed For Your Home

We have a warning for every homeowner. Your house is under attack, because all over Oklahoma, termites are swarming this week. They're taking to the air by the millions with the long-term goal of eating your house.

Matt Buttram of Mother Nature's Exterminating says the flying swarmers leave their colonies to find mates and begin new colonies. While they don't attack your home, he says they do provide a warning.

"It tells you there's a colony nearby and it's mature and they're ready to reproduce and that's what it's doing."

If you see them, an inspection can be done, with special attention given to wood surfaces and plumbing areas. Visible damage to wood and little tubes of dried mud are key indicators of trouble.

Any trim wood that near soil or any crack in the foundation can provide access to your home. Termites can get through a crack, that's only 1/64th of an inch wide.

Mother Nature's, Justin Buckmaster, said it's a big problem.

"We are a 100% state in Oklahoma. So any structure built on the state of Oklahoma is going to be infested at some time, if you don't have post construction treatment."

These days termites are controlled by putting out bait stations. The termites are given chemicals that they take back to the nest. When the king and queen are poisoned, it wipes out the colony.

There are plenty of the colonies out there, five to seven per acre. Termites from each one will travel 300 yards looking for wood to eat. The bait station system costs about $300 a year to protect the typical home.