Test Scores Show Drop In Student Performance, District Reacts

Tulsa Public Schools released new test score results, showing that many schools are struggling with the lowest test scores since 2009. TPS officials say attendance may have been an issue, along with special education students being given the standard exams instead of alternatives.

Tulsa's Channel 8 is still going through pages of test results from elementary to high schools. So far, we know that reading is only part of the problem for the district.

Some schools had less than 10 percent of students scoring satisfactory in subjects such as math.

"Anything in my opinion that is not moving us up, is disappointing," said board member Lana Addison-Turner. We showed her the results we requested and received this evening.

Channel 8 first told you about third-graders at Emerson Elementary, when almost all of them were failing reading in February. Today, we know that of the third-graders, only 2 percent scored satisfactory in math, according the latest results.

For some of the schools in the district, these were the worst scores.

Today, Tulsa Public Schools held an extravaganza to welcome some of the most challenged students back to learning. While we were there, Turner-Addison gave her reaction.

"I am trying and I am going to continue to try. I'm gonna keep trying and trying and trying. I don't think anyone if they really care about kids can give out, but we have to look at the data, the hard realities," said Turner-Addison.

She was an organizer of the extravaganza and says it was one way to reach families and get them connected.

School starts Aug. 20, and we will find out how the district plans to address the latest results.