Test Your Tornado Knowledge

Oklahoma generally experiences the greatest number of tornadoes in May each year. Now that May has arrived, let's put your tornado knowledge to the test. Below is a list of common myths about tornadoes.

Myth #1: It is easy to see a tornado (especially at great distances).

False! Tornadoes can be hidden by rainfall and hard to see. That's why you should always pay attention to watches and warnings.

Myth #2: If you are driving in your car and you see a tornado, get out of your car and hide under a highway underpass.

False! A highway underpass is extremely dangerous. The wind can actually be stronger under an underpass because it is being forced through a narrow space. Also, you are exposed to flying debris. The best choice is to leave your car and lie flat in a ditch.

Myth #3: It is best to leave your windows and doors open when a tornado is near so your house doesn't explode due to changes in air pressure.

Absolutely false! Holmes are damaged and destroyed by strong winds associated with a tornado and not changes in air pressure. If you open your windows and doors, you can actually make the situation worse by allowing flying debris to blow in and out of your house.

Myth #4: Tornadoes cannot cross water.

False again! Tornadoes that form on land can actually cross rivers and lakes. Also, a tornado can form over water which is called a waterspout.



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