Courtroom Hears from Sister, Father of Man Killed at Park

Testimony continues today in the case of a man accused of killing two people at a Tulsa Park.

Darren Price is charged with first degree murder and robbery.

Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols were exercising in the evening at Hicks Park in September 2011 when they were robbed and killed.

Jurors hear from Nichols' sister, Leanne Ellison, today. She filed the missing persons report when her brother did not come home and didn't report to work.

Ellison told members of the courtroom that one of the suspects reportedly stole Nichols' cellphone. She exchanged messages in which the person using her brother's phone said that he was okay. When police told Ellison her brother had been murdered, they worked with her to text the phone again, asking whether he need money and the number responded "yeah."

Jurors also called Nichols' father who told the room that he had been sending messages to whoever had his son's cellphone. That person told him that he needed to get away.

Ellison added during her testimony that the young couple was "joined at the hip."Jurors also heard from several detectives who responded to the crime scene. One detective testified that the couple had grass stains on their knees, suggesting that they had been killed execution style.

Jerad David also was charged in the crime. He plead guilty to the murders and is currently serving a life sentence.