Hilberling Trial: Testimony Continues in High Rise Death

Amber Hilberling

Testimony in the trial of 21-year-old Amber Hilberling continues Friday morning in Tulsa district court.

A 12-member jury and two alternates were seated to hear the 2011 case on Wednesday.

Prosecutors allege Amber Hilberling pushed her husband, Joshua; she says the apartment had dangerously thin windows and her husband fell accidentally.

On Thursday, the state called a medical responder to the stand who examined Joshua Hilberling and found him deceased, on his back, on the top floor of the parking garage.

Then they heard from police officers and detectives who responded to The University Club Apartments on June 7, 2011 when the incident happened.

Amber Hilberling's defense attorney taped the dimensions of the window and it's distance in relation to the floor on the courtroom floor.

Following the lunch break, the medical examiner stated that the deceased's body had multiple fractures to his extremities and lacerations on his hands, chests, and face. The examiner determined that the cause of death to be blunt force and ruled it a homicide.

The medical examiner admitted he had no way of determining how the deceased came out of the window.

Bonnie Fulton, a prison inmate was called to the stand. Fulton testified that she and Hilberling had many conversations in which she disclosed that her husband had planned to leave her. Fulton stated that Hilberling had also told her that she caught him off-guard and pushed him.

The defense team stated that Fulton has served time for lying and dishonesty on multiple occasions.

A homicide detective testified as well, stating that there did not appear to be signs of struggle or self-defense at the crime scene.

Before resting its case, the prosecution played a video from a conversation Hilberling and her grandmother had the day of her husband's death. The video is from just before police officers interviewed Hilberling. In the video, Hilberling is crying and says, "I'm such a bad person. I don't deserve to live."

Channel 8 spoke with Josh's family back in 2011. Here is a part of the story:

Anybody that knows Josh is going to miss that smile, but no one more than his proud military parents who wanted the world for their son. Saddled with grief, they struggle to put their loss into words.

"We just will never forget him. He's one of a kind," said Jeanne Hilberling.

Josh Hilberling's Family Speaks Out About Their Son

The grief stricken parents don't want to focus on how they lost their son, and they don't want you to either.

"I want people to remember who Josh was, not how he died. I want them to remember the kind compassionate friend who would do anything for anybody," said his mom.

Amber Hilberling rejected a plea deal offered by prosecutors last week, opting to go to trial instead. She faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.