Students Might Not Graduate After Testing Debacle

The breakdown of computerized testing has schools and administrators scrambling to meet deadlines.

In Sand Springs, middle school students are still testing and administrators don't want them disturbed in any fashion.

Administrators say they had to discard 150-testing sessions at least. That means students will make those up not using a computer, but paper and pencil, filling in circles the old fashioned way.

And for seniors, it is a different story. The class of 2012 dealt with end of instruction tests, required for graduation. But this year, some senior students were testing when the system crashed. There is concern, those students could be denied a diploma.

In Sand Springs at Charles Page High, at last count 22 students had not passed the required tests and one of those tests was being given during the blackout.

"There are juniors and seniors that have not met that requirement as of yet. And so the disruption really could have affected their ability to graduate," said Sherry Durkee, Assistant Superintendent of Sand Springs Public Schools.

All testing should end by the end of the week.