TFD Crews to Train for Water Rescues

With summer approaching, and more and more Oklahomans heading to the lake, the Tulsa Fire Department has their sights set on water rescue training.Today through Thursday, TFD boat rescue crews will be at Skiatook Lake training for potential water rescue situations. They are pulling a 165 pound mannequin from the water. Rescue Coordinator R.B. Ellis said water rescues can be 300 times more dangerous for firefighters than common house fires."They're infrequent, but water rescues kind of fit in the category of low frequency, high risk," Ellis said.Firefighters told Channel 8 they have to complete a certain numbers of practice hours and also do assigned reading.TFD crews are focusing on tactics used while operating inflatable rescue boats. TFD said there are about seven water rescue boats and three of them are inflatable.The training began at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. About 20 firefighters took part in the first day.