TFD's Newest Arson-Detecting Tool Is Paid In Treats

The Tulsa Fire Department has a new tool to help with investigations.

And he's paid in treats.

TFD revealed their arson-detecting dog, Canyon, at the training center Thursday afternoon.

He's the only one of his kind in Oklahoma and they showed off his four months of training.

Canyon is called out to suspicious fires to help investigators determine if a crime occurred.

"He's basically just trained to associate the odor of many different ignitable liquids with food," says Capt. Scott Winford. "So whenever he alerts on an ignitable liquid, he sits and gets food and reward for that."

The dog has already been used twice by the fire department and once by the ATF.

Canyon goes home with his trainer every night, but Winford is quick to add that the dog doesn't sleep in his bed.