The '99 Sooners Needed To Learn How To Win

Daniel Ruettiger won't be creating any magic for the Fighting Irish Saturday when they welcome the the 14th ranked Oklahoma Sooners to South Bend Saturday afternoon.

But Notre Dame does seem to have a spell over OU. The Sooners have only won one match-up against the Irish. That was back in 1956. Notre dame leads the series 9-1.

Back in 1999, which was the last time the Sooners were at Notre Dame Stadium, the Fighting Irish rallied from a 30-14 third quarter deficit to win by four.

Oklahoma head coach Bob stoops remembers it well"I remember us leading in the 3rd quarter and looking around and seeing too many happy faces." said Stoops, "Meaning I felt there were too many guys who thought that they had this won. And really realizing that were hadn't truly learned how to compete yet for four quarters. I remember telling the coaches that they hadn't ever been ahead of anyone like that on the road and they don't know how to handle it and we have to teach them how to handle it."Notre Dame and Oklahoma meet in a battle of classic football traditions Saturday at 2:30pm from South Bend, IN.