The American Project Could Break Ground On July 4th

After a decade of planning and struggle, the construction of a landmark project could begin this summer.The creator of The American statue, says they are close to breaking ground in the Sand Springs area.The $35-million dollar project would give this area a landmark, that's comparable to the statue of liberty.But at 217 feet, it would be 60-feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. Sculptor Shan Gray first announced the project in 2004 and he tells us they are very close to construction.He says, "I am very confident the project will be built.""I am looking seriously at a July 4th ground breaking"The Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce is anxious to see the dirt being turned.President Mary Eubanks says statue could provide an immense boost to that community, but after all this time, it will be easier to get excited when that happens.The project could transform the peaceful, suburban city into a nation travel destination.While that would come with some traffic and growing pains, people like Tammy Moss says that's small price to pay.She lives near the project sight, on Highway 97 and says it will be good for the city.The park would be developed in this shallow valley about a mile north of the Osage Casino, that'sowned by the Sand Springs Home.The home has agree to donate some land, and sell an additional 400 acres to the developers, but so far the deed hasn't changed hands.The home and the city of Sand Springs are waiting for a financial report from the developers.Shan Gray says that's being prepared and should be in their hands in the next few days.County commission Karen Keith has supported the project from the start.She's been talking with the developers and says they are making progress.Keith says a successful project would be huge for our local economy.