The Auto Industry Is Paying Attention To Women

Withthe recession fading into the past a lot of people are thinking abouta new car.

Sothere's a lot of excitement at the International Auto Show in NewYork City.

Butthe industry is also becoming more aware of who's doing the buying.

Itturns out, that women now influence 85% of all car purchases.

JessicaCaldwell, of, says women are excited by the newtechnology in cars, from rear-view cameras to blind spot detectionand GPS.

JamesBell, of General Motors Consumer Affairs, recommends that womenforget out brand images and company logos.

Hesays they should pick out a car, that suits their needs.

Bellsays they may be surprised, by the model that's the best choice fortheir personal needs.

Healso says that durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency are whatmatters.

Whilewomen go for all kinds of vehicles, the smaller crossover sportutilities are still very popular.

Butwomen a lot of woman are also an interested in entry-level luxurymarket.

Bellsays many families are starting to move away of a big SUV, becausetheir kids are growing up.

Asa result, they no longer need a big vehicle with 7 seats.

Manycouples are now looking at sedans, with a touch of luxury, that arefun to drive.