The Bond Built On A Golf Course

Brendon Jelley has been swinging a golf club for over half his life. His dad Steve was a competitive golfer and introduced Brendon to the game at a young age. Plastic club and all.

The two forged a strong bond chasing that little white ball.

"I don't know what our relationship would be if I didn't have golf." Brendon said, "Obviously we're very close because of it. We would always go to the course and play in the evenings and we really built a relationship on the golf course."

"We've had so much fun on the golf course." Brendon's father Steve Jelley said, "We tried to keep three constants every time we played golf. We tried to keep it fun, we tried to keep it positive and be very encouraging."

Having fun is par for the course with these two. Especially when they got a little competitive.

"We played closest to the pin contests, putting contests, who could hit it closest to the fountain in the water. Fun stuff like that." Brendon said.

The big question is who can out on top the most.

"Oh I won all of them." Brendon's dad Steve said, "No! Ha Ha Ha! Fortunately at a pretty young age he got over the top of dear ole dad. I guess I don't set a very high bar either."

"It wasn't always for competition it was for fun, hitting fun shots from the trees. Those were my favorite memories when we were just having fun. A fun time." Brendon said.

It was those friendly games played between and father and son that honed Brendon's skills and made him one of the best high school golfers in the country.

He is currently ranked 12th nationwide and he was named to the Rolex high school All-American team.

Brendon is a good student so he had his choice when it came to attending college.

But since his parents both bleed orange. There was no doubt he was heading to Stillwater.

"For me all along it was Oklahoma State if I could. That was always my goal that I worked toward. I always wanted to be a Cowboy golfer at a very young age.

The Cowboy golf team has won ten national championships and produced numerous stars of the game. Brendon hopes to be the next great OSU golfer.

"Obviously I want to add to their collection of national championships. They've got a pretty good program over there that they're running. I'm just really excited to join them and see what I can do down there.

He's won at every level so far and with the hard work he puts into his game his success should continue.