The Broken Arrow Tigers Go Indoors

As rain falls in Broken Arrow Monday it's fitting that most of the construction on the Tigers new indoor facility has moved inside. This multi-purpose complex is scheduled to be completed by September 1st. When it's done BA will have something unique to this state.

"There is nothing like it in Oklahoma, we'll be the first ones." said Broken Arrow Head Football Coach David Alexander, "You can go to Texas to some of the big schools down there or to some of the big schools in Northwest Arkansas like Bentonville or Fayettevilles. But in Oklahoma, we're going to have the premiere facility in Oklahoma."

It will have a 50 yard football field. Complete with a 10 yard endzone A brand new 6,000 square foot weight room and fitness center. On days when the Tigers can't practice outside, they won't miss a beat by going inside.

"The biggest impact I see that is going to happen is in the offseason." said Broken Arrow Head Football Coach David Alexander, "January, February, March when it's cold and rainy. We'll still be able to get our conditioning in. We'll still be able do anything like that, do our running. We won't ever miss a day off."

This is primarily a football facility, but other sports around campus will be able to use it. Like the golf team, the softball and baseball teams and even the Pride of Broken Arrow Marching Band will get some workouts inside this indoor facility. It's impact is far reaching.

"Baseball is going to be able to go in there and take some ground balls." said Broken Arrow Head Football Coach David Alexander, "Golf is going to have nets set up that they can hit into. There are going to be pads on the walls for soccer. It's going to be a facility for every student-athlete in Broken Arrow. The weight room and the fitness center will eventually be for the whole faculty as well. It's going to be a great diamond for Broken Arrow Public Schools."

It will be one impressive building.