The City of Tulsa Wants You to Adopt A Spot

The Tulsa City Council is looking for volunteers to adopt a spot to pick up trash.

The Tulsa city council has list of priorities for you, the citizen. One of them is beautification--but it can't happen without you. A new initiative called Adopt A Spot is underway.

We have all seen places in town where we need to simply stop and pick up trash. Now the city of Tulsa is asking you to do just that, find a spot and clean it up.

We found a spot that just happens to be across the street from Memorial High School.

"You can see all the trash around here and the dips in the concrete. There is trash in the wind, gets stuck in the branches," said Karsten Gilbert and Alyssa Hernandez, as they walked the area.

They are taking a look at the spot their junior class adopted. It is where parents pick up their children. The dips and trenches are from tires digging in. Now the plan is to fill in the low spots.

"You're gonna remember your high school forever, what it looks like and we want it to look good and you're gonna want come back and make sure it is as beautiful as you left it," explained Karsten. "So I think that is what we are doing trying to make our learning environment a lot cleaner and prettier than what they were."

The City of Tulsa is rolling out the Adopt a Spot program.

"This is a way for citizens to get involved and help make Tulsa, America's most beautiful city again," said Karen Gilbert, the city councilor who is leading the initiative. She wants schools, groups or any kind of team to adopt a spot of their own.

"We are asking organizations to find a spot within the city of Tulsa whether it be a median, a right of way, a park an area of a neighborhood and adopt that area from a year to three years," she said.

The students will raise money to beautify their right of way for the parents, for the drivers that pass by and for their city. They want to be seen as students and citizens.

If you are e willing to pick up trash the city of Tulsa will give you trash bags and other tools to make sure your clean up goes as planned.