What's the Cost of Cleaning Up All of Tulsa County's Meth Labs?

Oh what a distinction, to be named number one in the county for meth labs.

"Heard about it this morning, driving into work," said Jeff Cooper of Oklahoma Disaster Restoration.

"Removed all of the insulation from the attic," he said.

Giving us a tour of a former meth house.

"Gutted everything down to the studs," he said.

It's the pricey aftermath left in the wake of a drug that seeps as destructively into homes as it does into lives.

"It is expensive, there's a lot of labor involved, there's a lot of training involved in the people that are doing the work because it's not just hire your buddies to come in on a weekend," he said.

And one of the expenses involved is testing.

"I don't know of anybody else in town that has a mercury vapor meter like we do, this is like a $7,000 instrument," said Rob Thompson of Liberty OHM. He charges anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 for initial testing, and then he comes back again to make sure the cleanup was successful. And that map by CNN, that's just the labs authorities about.

"The meth labs are probably the tip of the iceberg considering a lot of people use it inside homes," he said.

A massive problem with a massive cost to both lives and property.

"Up into several tens of thousands, just depends on the extent of the contamination," said Cooper.