The Dark Horse Mayoral Candidates

So many people have said, 'Well if I was mayor I'd do this, and if I were mayor I'd do that, and I got tired of saying that myself and decided to run," said Tulsa mayoral candidate Jerry Branch.

His passion so strong, he's{}running without a war chest.

"The war chest that I had I spent on the $50 filing fee and the $2 notary stamp," he said.

The 49 year-old married father of two, is a Republican and has been in welding most of his life.

"What I would like to see is more money put in, things that are behind us, if we didn't have this park for these young people, to come out and enjoy a day like today, they'd be playing in the middle of the street or we all know what the adage says about idle hands or idle minds, who knows what they would get into," he said.{}

As to what he's getting into, has he ventured into political races before?

"No I have not. I've threatened to on several occasions," he laughed.

The same can not be said of the other dark horse in this race.

"Well I want to see some changes made," said Lawrence Kirkpatrick. He{}got 560 votes the last time he ran for mayor in 2009. At 67, he's an independent, unmarried, on disability, and also without a war chest.

"The people are saying, 'We'd like to vote for you but you can't possibly win, so maybe I ought to send my vote someplace else.' If everyone that felt that way, gave me their vote, I'd have the election," he said.

In the meantime he has his work as a volunteer with a prison ministry, and an optimism as large as the odds against him ever becoming mayor.

"There's a lot to be learned by getting in the middle of doing some thing," he said.

As for Jerry Branch, you won't see any TV ads, cause of that money thing, but if you did, they'd end with this snazzy tag line.

"'If it's good for Tulsans, it'll be good for Tulsa.' That's pretty good. That's the best I could come up with," he laughed.

Both Branch and Kirkpatrick say they welcome phone calls. You can reach Jerry Branch at (918) 724-9884 and Lawrence Kirkpatrick at (918) 829-7939.

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