The Economic Impact Of Gay Marriage

It's the industry built on love, and for the folks who make that magical day sing with perfection, news that Oklahoma could soon be gay marriage friendly, is being snatched up faster than a bouquet."It's a whole new world," said Karen French of Mary Jayne's Flowers.As it is now, an untold amount of wedding dollars simply go elsewhere when local couples who want to say 'I do' have to go elsewhere to do it."Get on the bus, get on the plane and let's go to an island. It's very bad for the local," said French.But when and if gay marriage becomes legal in Oklahoma..."More people will stay here obviously, so their weddings will be here," said Jennifer Thompson of Facchianos Bridal & Formal Attire.Which could naturally boost the bottom line at Mary Jayne's flowers..."Everybody wants pretty flowers at their weddings," said French.At the White House Mansion..."We host several, several weddings a year," said Meggan Winland-Clickner.And at Facchianos Bridal & Formal Attire."We're very equal opportunity so we help everybody that comes in," said Thompson.The green side of the day known for white. Or in this case, all the colors of the rainbow."There's no difference. Two people who love each other are two people who love each other," said Winland-Clickner."People just need to open up their minds and be accepting," said French.