The First 48 Captures Two Murders

Tulsa's crime is gaining some national attention, after the show, The First 48, captures two murders in 48 hours. The crew followed homicide detectives this past weekend, as they conducted investigations.

Some citizens voiced concerns over negative attention but homicide detective, Dave Walker, says it could show the police department's hard work and response, as well.

Walker says Tulsa has crime like any other city. So far, mid-July, we have seen 26 murders, a number that was met by May in 2013. Walker says Tulsa has nothing to hide, as far as crime.

"We want you to know, you as the public to be informed, that yes, we have things going on, but it's like any other city," said Walker.

The show featuring Tulsa may not air until 6 to 8 months from now.