The Jenks Trojans Help To Feed Starving Children

The Jenks football team, the boys and girls basketball and track teams were a little work force Thursday night at Liberty Church in Broken Arrow.

They were fixing up meals for Feed My Starving Children. It's an organization that sends meals to 70 different countries around the world.

In two hours the Trojans put together 54-thousand meals that will feed 148 children everyday for a year.

"It's awesome to know that we can feed thousands of starving kids in foreign countries," said Jenks Linebacker Trent Tabor. "Our stuff is going to Nicaragua. Seeing the kids and seeing how much hope it brings them is just really rewarding and very inspirational. I want to do more stuff like this in the future. Hopefully with my team."

The University of Tulsa football team and the Union Redskins will take part in this project before the week is over.