The Latest on the Latest Winter Storm

{}{}{}{} Are you ready for more snow?{} Another winter storm is headed our way and will bring us another dose of snow. It looks to me like we will see 4 to 12 inches across the state from this one. The most will be to the west and southwest of Tulsa where Oklahoma City could get the 12". Tulsa is likely to get around 8", and the rest of eastern Oklahoma could be in the 4 to 8 inch range.

{}{}{}{} Another way to look at it: heaviest snow will be west of Highway 75 and west of Henryetta on Interstate 40.

{}{}{}{} I'm expecting the snow to be the heaviest after midnight and before noon on Wednesday.{} One inch per hour is possible during that time. The snow should taper off and get lighter during the afternoon and ending by evening at least.

{} {}{} A winter storm warning is in effect for the entire area until 6pm Wednesday due to the chance for heavy snow and poor travel conditions. Watch for snow packed roads in the morning. I wouldn't be surprised if school was canceled for the rest of the week too.

{}{}{}{} Besides the snow, extremely cold weather will move in behind the storm. Temperatures will be in the teens Wednesday afternoon followed by readings below zero by Thursday morning. We will stay below freezing until late Friday afternoon. Warmer weather moves in starting Sunday!

{}{}{}{} Look at it this way, we survived a blizzard, and this storm won't be as bad. So we will survive this one too. Although if we get enough snow we will break the record for the most snow in one winter!

{}{}{}{} Please take care of yourselves and drive safely.

{}{}{}{} Get more updates by following me on Twitter and Facebook under Frank Mitchell.

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