"The Most Amazing Race" Raises Money for Homeless

Participants are gathering in downtown Tulsa today to raise money for the homeless through the "The Most Amazing Race."

The race, patterned after "The Amazing Race" show, consists of 10 to 12 challenges and routes through downtown Tulsa. Some challenges in the race are physical, some are mental, and some are "silly."

Proceeds from the event will go to the Salvation Army's Center of Hope, which provides shelter for over 87,000 homeless people and serves approximately 275,000 meals a year.

The center reports the number of people staying there has tripled over the last five years.

The race began and 10 a.m. at Guthrie Green and is expected to last up to five hours. The race also finishes at Guthrie Green.

To qualify for the race, teams had to raise a minimum of $250.