The Power Of Habit Can Change Your Life

It'soften said that we are creatures of habit.

Whilethat's often seen as a bad thing it works both ways.

Aprominent Nutritionist and Author, says we can use habit to changeour lives for the better when it comes to things like diet anexercise.

KeriGlassman wrote the New You Diet.

Shesays habit can be a powerful tool to change our lives, becauseresearch shows that if you practice a new behavior for 21 days thatbehavior becomes a habit.

Thatcan apply to things like working out and eating properly.

Shealways tells people to take a close look at their diet history.

Peopleoften say I'm going to do a diet, but then they go back to the samethings they did in the past that didn't work.

Glassmanalways asks her clients about stress and relaxation.

Suchwas when was the last time they had a massage.

Shesays your sleep habits and your daily attitudes towards life impact your overall healthand dieting success.

Ifyou're feeling good and relaxed you're much more likely to make goodchoices and do the things that are go for you.

Shesays thing that everybody watching can do is to breath your way thin.

Youpractice an easy form of meditation.

Yousimply breathing in and out of 8-seconds each way.

Thenrepeat it every day for a period of 8-minutes.

Glassman says itchanges you body by lowering you heart rate and level of stress.

Shealso recommends replacing all diet soda with water and green tea,because the artificial sweetener makes you crave more sweets.