The Rescue Of Boots The Bear

The street was blocked off, the horses were running skittish, the cell phone cameras were everywhere, and the net was pulled taut.

"I never seen anything like this," said 7 year-old Anaka Ferguson.

A black bear, way up high, flailing about after having a tranquilizer delivered to his derriere.

"They're trying to get it down from the tree," she said.

But that first dose didn't quiet do the job, so wildlife officials took aim again, and, pow! Meanwhile, down below, the event was attracting the entire neighborhood. Including Lori and company.

"Well the girls. Lilly, Nellie, and Millie," said Lori, introducing her three pygmy goats. Territorial pygmy goats who were none too pleased that a bear was moving in on their turf, and were ready to do something about it.I feel safer with the goats here. "I would too, cause they will defend us, definitely," laughed Lori.

As he dozed off to la-la land, Anaka came up with a name for him.

"Boots. Why would you name him boots? Because a lot of boots are black," she said.

Pretty soon, Boots was sleeping just as hard as Anaka's little sister. So hard, he dozed off stuck in the tree.

"Fire department's on the way," said Theresa Morris.

And soon enough, there was BAFD, rolling in the big ladder truck, and chain-sawing a clear path to Boots. But it's one thing to rescue a cat from a tree, let alone a 120 pound bear.

What if he tries to eat them on the way down? "We'll probably just run away," said Anaka.

Finally, after firefighters had cleared the way, it was go time for wildlife officials, as they gingerly, delicately, ever-so-cautiously tried to get Boots out of the tree.

We're talking in hushed tones. "Well, I'm not sure we want to wake him up. I don't know," laughed Theresa.

And then, with one great heave, success! And soon, Boots was back on the ground. Groggy but safe. A pretty cool ending to a pretty cool day.

"It is pretty cool," said Anaka.