The Weleetka Murders - Long Road To Justice

He walked into the stairwell a guilty man. Kevin Sweat, moments after entering a plea owning up to three murders."It was pretty emotional to hear his plea," said Faye Taylor.Faye and Michael's daughter, Ashley Taylor, was Sweat's girlfriend and the third murder victim."Of course it was devastating to find out that my daughter's boyfriend was the one that murdered them," said Michael Taylor.20 miles away at Outlaws Grocery and Restaurant in Weleetka"It blew this town away," said Tracee Williams. She can cook you up a mean hamburger just as easily as she can tell you where the horror took place six years ago."I mean you can drive down that road now you can still see little remnants of the memorial," she said.It's there where you can feel just how much time has passed; through the warped frame with the poem, the dirt on the pink tiger, the weary looking teddy bear with the rosary. A look of exhaustion echoed by loved ones."You doubted all the way through, you doubt yourself, you doubt what's going to happen. The process is so daunting it takes everything out of you, and emotionally and physical you start questioning if it's actually, if justice is going to be served," said Taylor.But with the guilty plea, relief that justice is on the way. And little concern that the death penalty is off the table, because"Because it's more important to me that he, there's no possibility that he's gonna get out of jail and hurt anybody else again," said Taylor.Back at the memorial, recognition that it will always be here, preserved by a town as old fashioned as the local restaurant, but also forever changed by the tragedy."You used to be able to not even lock your door, now everybody I know locks their doors, everybody," said Williams.
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