Theo Fleming Sentenced

Its been almost two years since Katilyn Finnegan was shot to death by a friend. Theo Fleming was convicted last month of her death and today was sentenced to 30 years in prison and more than a twenty-two thousand dollar fine.Theo Fleming made a statement today for the first time saying he was sorry this had happened and he doesn't want to hurt either family any longer. But the Finnegan family says today is bitter sweet."I mean we lost our child, she will never be back. Mr. Fleming is going to be in prison for 30 years. His family will be affected too. We aren't jumping for joy over this we are just satisfied that this part is over," says Jim Finnegan.The Finnegan's say their family and friends have gotten them through this tough time. "They have kept us going. Without them it kind of keeps her memory alive for us," says Jim.The family says January 10th would have been Kaitlyn's 20th birthday and dozen's of her friends wrote on her Facebook page to tell her they missed her. Several of the family and friends in the courtroom today were dressed in purple. Which is Kaitlyn's favorite color. Ever since the sentencing for Fleming got pushed back last month, it has been rough on the family."Very stressful. It's been two years. It just seemed like it was never going to end," says Jim.Kaitlyn's mother, Jeanne, says Fleming's Aunt came and told her she was sorry and although Jeanne says that took a lot of courage.She doesn't think Theo's statement before the sentencing was sincere. "No, I didn't feel like his statement was actually coming from the heart," says Jeanne.Since Fleming is only 18-years-old he will not start paying back his fine until he gets out of prison and he can not apply for parole until he has served 85 percent of his sentence.